Colourful Reflections

My Grandma always loved rainbows. 

She loved the promise that rainbows represent. 

Of course, being a Grandma, she had wisdom I haven't even begun to tap into myself, but I have always held rainbows close to my heart because of her love for them.

As I've gotten older (and hopefully wiser), I see rainbows as a representation of peace. Peace with the idea that we will have hard seasons, but on the other side, is a joyful season.   

While doing some research about rainbows and their representation I came across this beautiful poem.  

A promise , Poet: Unknown

A rainbow is a promise of:

sunshine after rain

calm after storms

joy after sadness

peace after pain

love after loss

As I've been working on this collection, some of you have shared what rainbows represent to you.

Most of you see a rainbow as a sign, from up above, or from a loved one who has passed on.  I love that rainbows can act as a reminder that we are not alone.

I also love that rainbows have EVERY colour in them. 

As a long-time colour lover, creating this collection really allowed me to explore new colours and colour combinations.  

Each piece is made with love and I can't wait to see where these colourful little jewels end up. There is only one of each design, making each piece "one-of-a-kind". 

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