This collection is inspired by autumn sunsets that cast a golden glow over everything.

I’ve always loved these sunsets and have wanted to capture their essence in a collection.  Last November I had the idea to try to capture them in delicate, classic designs. This past year I've developed the ideas, gathered the gemstones and finally brought the ideas to life.

Deciding to create some of the collection in solid gold was new for me but in order to bring my vision to life I decided to “go for the gold”.;)  

Those golden sunsets always bring me a sense of calm and relaxation which I hope is felt within each of these little “golden jewels” .

There are 17 pieces total with 8 pieces in solid gold and 9 pieces in gold fill or sterling silver. 

Each piece also has a touch of "sparkle" because some days we need the little reminder of our own unique “sparkle”.  

Those little personality or physical traits that are often forgotten but should be remembered. 

The way you're kind to people you interact with throughout the day, your silly side that makes those closest to you laugh, or that one physical trait you have always loved, maybe your eyes or that little freckle no one else has. 

Whichever trait comes to mind I hope you spend some time recognizing it and if you choose to add a piece to your collection I hope it can be a reminder to you. 

If you gift a piece to someone special I hope you can tell them what you think their sparkle is too. 

And, because I know you love to have a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else has....

Each design is One-of-a-kind, meaning once they're gone they're gone. 

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