Pretty in Peony

I have been wanting to make a collection inspired by peonies for some time.  They are one of my (many) favourite flowers.

When I was reflecting on why they are one of my favourites, I realized that there are so many reasons! 

They smell amazing. There is nothing quite like the smell of a peony.

They have a short season, but once you cut them and bring them into your home, watching them open one petal at a time is mesmerizing. 

They come in a variety of shades (white, pale pink, deep pink and berry toned).

Lastly,  they are unique to other flowers in that they need assistance to open, which comes in the form of hardworking ants.

I also personally love that they open in June when the weather starts to turn and you can feel summer is about to begin.  It's a sign of what's to come with the warmer months upon us. 

Peonies are meant to represent romance, love, bravery, honour, respect, nobility, good fortune, and prosperity.  And, they are a common flower choice among brides as they are considered a good omen of a happy marriage.

No matter what the reason is that you might love them, I hope these designs can remind you of the peonies' beauty year round.  

At the time of launch there is only one of each design available but some of the designs will be restocked with a limited addition over time.  

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