Featuring a vibrant Larimar gemstone with a freshwater pearl placed delicately within the chain. 

Inspired by by the relaxed feeling of ocean blue.  

Larimar is a gemstone I first learned about on my trip to France.  It is not from France but is actually from the Dominican Republic but well traveling in France I came across a few loose stones from a supplier there.   The colour of it reminded me of the beautiful ocean I had enjoyed in the South of France and upon returning home I continued to be drawn to this gemstone. 

This soothing hue brings a sense of calm.  I hope it can transport you to a past vacation or perhaps an upcoming one. 



• Length of necklace is 18" 

• Due to each piece being one-of-a-kind please choose which necklace you would like based on the numbers beside them. 

• Gemstones range in size but are approximately 10 x 20 mm - 20 x 25 mm.

• This piece features larimar with sterling silver surrounding it and a freshwater pearl on the chain.  


• Arrives gift wrapped and ready to give—maybe to yourself. 

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