Men's Branch band with satin finish

This band is the most traditional with it's curved lines inside and out.  This shape is what men's band have been created as for many years due to it's simplicity and comfort.  The inside of our band is smooth and shiny with a "comfort fit" which allows the finger to easily bend and for water to be able to escape from under the band.  Our signature branch texture mixed with a satin finish  on the outer side of the band make this traditional band perfect for those who love classic and masculine with a twist of unique.  
• Ring featured in photo is Sterling Silver.
• If you would like to explore the possibility of a different karat for the gold please email us and we'll be happy to start your project as a custom order for you.  
• Arrives in a ring box and with our personal warranty.
• Timeline is approximately 5-6 weeks. 
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