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Featuring a soft yellow citrine.

Inspired by autumn sunsets that cast a glow of yellow over everything and bring a sense of calm and hope as we say goodbye to one season and step into a new one.  

This design is beautiful on its own or layered with another necklace in your collection.

As you move from one season to the next my hope is that this piece can act as a reminder to celebrate your one-of-a-kind traits, not just what you've accomplished but your beautiful personality traits that make you unique.  Maybe it's your sense of humour, the way you give hugs or the way you move your hands when you're telling an intriguing story.

Whichever trait comes to mind I hope you celebrate it and remember it often.


•  Citrine is 6 x 3.5mm 

• This necklace features the birthstone for November (Citrine).

•  Necklace total length is 18" with 16" and 15" loop included so you can choose which length to wear it at. 

•  Shipping is free over $100 within Canada.

• U.S. and International orders are $25. 

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