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Featuring opalescent rose cut diamonds set in 3 claw white gold studs. 

Opalescent means that there are small inclusions within the stone that give it that "soft white" look. 

"Rose cut" refers to the way it's been cut.  Rose cut's are the way gemstones were originally cut with larger facets over the top half of a sphere. 

Many historic jewels were cut this way and if you look at crowns in-particular you will see many gemstones with this cut.  It has become popular in the past few years for all gemstones, but especially diamonds as it adds a unique depth to this classic stone choice.  

Inspired by autumn sunsets that cast a glow of yellow over everything and bring a sense of calm and hope as we say goodbye to one season and step into a new one.  

As you move from one season to the next my hope is that this piece can act as a reminder to celebrate your one-of-a-kind traits, not just what you've accomplished but your beautiful personality traits that make you unique.  Maybe it's your sense of humour, the way you hug, or the way you move your hands when you're telling an intriguing story.

Whichever trait comes to mind I hope you celebrate it and remember it often. 


• These Rose cut diamonds are 4mm. 

• These earring feature the birthstone for April (Diamond).

•  Shipping is free over $100 within Canada.

• U.S. and International orders are $25. 

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