7 Amazing attributes of Aquamarine

7 Amazing attributes of Aquamarine

Symbolism and Significance

This clear blue gem is the birthstone for March as well as the gemstone to represent the 19th wedding anniversary.  


It is commonly known to be a pale blue tone. 

Faceted pale blue Aquamarine

However, it can be found in teal, green and vibrant blue as well. 

Teal Blue Faceted cushion cut Aquamarine

My personal favourite is moss aquamarine which is known to be a blue/green aquamarine with inclusions and iron which makes it appear mossy. 


Moss Aquamarine necklace - This piece will be available in the online shop on Thursday, June 24th. 

 As well as many colours aquamarine is available in many shapes and finishes too.  Ranging from the faceted stones you have seen above to the matte bead seen below.


Aquamarine bracelet - This piece will be available in the online shop on Thursday, June 24th. 



Aquamarine comes from the Latin "aqua marina" which means "sea water."  Once you see all the tones aquamarine is available in you'll see that this name represents it well. 


This gemstone was used in protective amulets dating back as far as 500 B.C. It was known for its powers in healing the liver, stomach, and throat. It was also used to protect against gossip. 

Today, it is used as a meditation tool, it is believed to lead its wearer in their spirituality and calm and sooth nerves. It is also known as a symbol of faithfulness, courage and friendship. 


Aquamarine is a semi-precious gem that is from the mineral - beryl. 

Beryl is the same mineral in which emerald and morganite are from. 

When multiple gemstones come from one mineral it is due to where the mineral is formed and what else is a part of the formation. 

For example for beryl to be emerald there must be chromium, vanadium, and iron with the beryl to create the vibrant green colour.  For morganite to be formed there must be manganese to create the pale pink colour. 

Aquamarine is a 7.8/10 on the Mohs hardness scale which means it is a strong gemstone but it is best to be careful when wearing it as an everyday ring. 


The most valuable aquamarines are mined in Colombia and Brazil. 

They can also be found in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Kenya, Zambia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Madagascar.

 Famous Aquamarines

The largest cut aquamarine is the Don Pedro which is on display at the Natural History Museum at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.. 

Another famous aquamarine was found in 1910 in Brazil.  It weighed 243 pounds as a raw gem when it was found and was then cut into more than 100,000 carats of finished gemstones. 

 Aquamarine Care

Aquamarine is a durable gemstone and does not need any special care. 

If you're cleaning your aquamarine at home use a soft brush and some soapy water. Be sure to clean under your stone as that is where dirt can collect and distract from the sparkle.  


I hope you enjoyed learning all about aquamarine.  If you have any questions about this gorgeous gemstone please let me know in the comments. 

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