The backstage pass to creating a custom piece of jewelry

The backstage pass to creating a custom piece of jewelry

Custom design isn't for everyone.  Some clients prefer to buy something that is in stock so they can try it on and some people want to make a small alternation to a current design.

Z and N came to me for a design that had some characteristics of other designs I've made but they had a one-of-a-kind design in mind.

They were looking for a detailed piece with leaves and possibly some floral inspiration, and they knew they wanted a rose cut diamond.  They had seen the poppy engagement ring currently in my collection (below on the left) and liked how the rose cut looked. 

Custom Jewelry - Kathryn Rebecca

We started with a zoom call where we sorted out all the details of Z's dream ring.

Her words to capture the look she was after were: Witchy, elegant and stayed.

I had never had someone use those exact words and loved the challenge of creating a piece that would reflect those feelings.  

After our chat N and Z sent a few rings to be inspired by.   I took the details they mentioned in our chat along with the inspo designs and provided sketches for them to choose from.

This part of the process takes a few days to allow time for the creative ideas to develop in my mind before doing sketches and suggesting ideas to the client. 

For Z + N I provided 3 options and they chose #3 (on the right above). Their feedback was to create this design but have the flower show from the top of the ring.

I was so excited about this as I ALWAYS love to carve flowers and to give it more presence in this design felt very right to me!

I suggested the inspiration for this flower be a peony, which I was happy Z liked the idea of. 

At this point of the project Z also decided she wanted her ring to be rose gold.  She was originally thinking of doing it in white gold but through our chat she understood that the leaves and branches tend to translate more-so in either yellow or rose gold. 

I sent Z and N the above photo of the three rose cuts ( seen above) that were currently available along with videos for them to choose from.

They decided on the middle stone and from there I was able to start working on the wax (see above- the wax is green which is always a bit bizarre when trying to visualize the piece in gold).

Custom Jewelry - Kathryn Rebecca

Once the wax was ready Z and N were able to come to my home studio and see the wax in person. 

This step is always helpful if possible but for clients who live out-of-town I send multiple videos so they can feel confident in what it will look like before we cast it in gold. 

I was so thrilled that Z loved every detail of the wax so I moved forwards with casting it in gold and setting all the stones. 

When the ring was finished N came to pick it up so he could propose to Z.  Many of my clients choose to do this.  Create the ring together but still do a surprise proposal.  

Z kindly left me a review about her experience.  It's always so helpful to hear what part of the process clients liked best and how their overall experience working with me was.  


Find inspiration for your own piece from our newly updated 

"Custom Design Gallery" and get in touch if you'd like to get started on your own custom design. 

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