Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

Last year, I got to work with a lovely couple (V + R) to create a custom engagement ring.

V had two heirloom pieces from her family and she wanted to use the gemstones and gold from both of them in her new special engagement ring.  

Heirloom jewelry for re-design

V was such a fun client because she is also a creative entrepreneur.  She has a DIY blog that is full of fun ideas.  You'll see from her blog that she's a total colour-lover like me!  

Clients gems removed from ring sitting on table, Larger diamond, four smaller stones in blue, yellow, red and green

I thought she would want to use the three cooler stones (lime green, pale blue and dark green) from her heirloom rings, but she surprised me by choosing to use the bright red ruby instead.  This is why I love custom work, - because it stretches me to go outside of my own comfort zone. 

Wax carving of clients custom made ring with stone setting set beside it

This wax was so much fun to carve. As with all of my custom projects, I had V come in to see if she liked how the wax looked on her finger.  This part of the process really ensures that the client is happy with the final product.  

The final ring turned out to be a bit of a hybrid between my dew drop earrings and my "spring breeze" engagement ring. And I loved the final colour combo in rose gold. It feels like it flows and yet is a bit unexpected too!

My favourite part of this project was reading about my custom process through V's eyes.  If you want to find out how she felt as she went through the process, check out her blog. 

If you'd like to book an appointment to discuss your own custom project you can book a time on my calendar here


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