Unique family jewelry

Unique family jewelry

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There are all sorts of ways to create a piece of family jewellery that incorporates your families birthstones and suits your personal style.  

Family jewellery is one of my favourite types of jewellery because it is so representational and special.  

It is often thought of as a simple piece that holds a families birthstones, with the focus being only on the birthstones and less on the design of the piece.  Although there is nothing wrong with style of jewellery to represent your family there are other options....;) 

This piece is our Blooming Branches Gemstone necklace that was customized to hold a grandmother and her grandchildren's birthstones.  

This is the Multi Branch ring which I have customized many times with family birthstones.  Something that is not commonly known is that you do not have to use traditional birthstones when creating a family piece.  For example we decided this design would look beautiful with a green sapphire instead of a traditional blue sapphire.


This is our Forget me not multi necklace with a families birthstones set within. This client loved orange so we did an orange sapphire instead of blue.

This piece was particularly special as the client had picked up this beautiful tanzanite well he was travelling for his Mom.  He came to me to create a family necklace for her with it.  In order to tie the colours together we did the setting for the tanzanite in yellow gold to compliment the citrine birthstones.  These small touches can really help pull the overall colour palette of a piece together.  

This one was a family ring made from a husband to his wife when she had their second child.  It is intertwined with white and yellow gold to represent them and has birthstones to represent the children.  

I hope these examples will help you be inspired if you have been thinking of creating your own family piece. As I mentioned do not worry if your families birthstones do not match as there are so many options we can explore in order to ensure the colours and style suit your own taste. 

Please get in touch if you'd like to chat about possibilities. ;) 

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