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Top 10 ways to choose the perfect jewelry gift

1. Imagine the person you are buying for in your mind. What style of jewellery do you see them wear most often. Bold, larger pieces or fine delicate pieces?

2. What type of jewellery do you see them in most? Necklace, earrings, rings or bracelets?

3. Now that we have their style and type narrowed in let's think about the variations within their favourite type.  

If they're a necklace girl do they like them long or short? Or perhaps both if they love layering! 

If they're an earrings girl do they like studs, hooks, or studs with drops? 


If they're a ring girl do they like large gemstone rings or fine stackable rings?

Last but not least if they're a bracelet girl do they like wide bracelets multi strand bracelets or fine everyday bracelets? 

4. The next question to ask yourself is what do you see them wear more of: 

White metal or yellow metal? 

5.  If you are not sure about ANY of the above off-hand just take a look at what they have on the next time you hang out.  No time for that...head to their Facebook or Instagram account to see if you can answer some of the above through looking at a few photos.

6.  If you happen to be shopping for a ring girl.  Here is a simple way to make sure you get the right size.  Take a ring that she wears often and lay it on a ruler with millimeters. Make a note of the Inner Diameter (ensure you take the measurement from the inside wall to the inside wall).


 After finding the measurement cross-reference which finger size it is on this chart.    

7. In order to customize the gift to your loved one you could consider ordering the piece with their birthstone or favourite colour gemstone.  Many companies (including ourselves) are willing to work with a large range of gemstones.   Email to see if the gemstone you are looking for is available even if it's not listed in the options online. 

8. Another way to customize the piece is by requesting engraving. This works particularly well on rings but some companies have pieces designed for this very reason. Have a look at our special "Starburst" necklace as an example of this.   

9. Don't hesitate to get help - No matter who you are shopping for you can always ask other's who know them well to weigh in on a few options you might be considering.  

10. Trust your instincts.  Jewellery is a beautiful and personal gift to receive so trust that no matter what you choose your loved one will appreciate what you have chosen and will remember you as they wear it.  


Kathryn Pitt

Tip #5 is spot on. Sometimes you need to play detective to find out information without asking!

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