This is a collection of wide styled custom rings I have made. 

These rings were made as an engagement , heirloom and anniversary rings.  

If you'd like to set up an appointment to discuss your own engagement or anniversary design please email us to book your FREE 30 minutes consultation. 


1 - Vine and leaf wedding ring - 14k yellow gold and diamonds.

2 - Branch and satin finish engagement ring, 14k rg with diamonds. 

3 - Tree inspired large "Treat yourself" ring, 14k yg, blue, green, champagne and white diamonds with Turquoise. 

4 - Birthstone branch ring , Sterling silver, 14k rose gold, aquamarine, opal, green sapphire, blue diamond and pink sapphire.

5 - Heirloom Re-design sunset and water ring - 14k white and yellow gold, clients heirloom diamonds.

6 - Heirloom Re-design/commitment ring - 14k yellow gold, sterling silver, clients diamonds.

7 - Wedding ring - 14k yellow and rose gold ring with white and champagne diamonds.

8 - Water Inspired engagement ring  , 14k wg, Client Diamonds.

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