This is a collection of custom designs I have made featuring a variety of coloured sapphires.

Many of these designs feature teal coloured sapphires as I have developed a reputation for helping find just the right colour of blue/green you're looking for.   

These rings were made to celebrate engagements, work accomplishments and birthdays.   

If you'd like to set up an appointment to discuss your own custom design please email us to book your FREE 30 minutes consultation. 

1 - Round Teal Sapphire engagement ring - 14k rose gold with 7mm round Teal sapphire.

2 - Leaf halo and sapphire "Treat Yourself" ring - 14k white gold, Montana Sapphire and diamonds.

3 - Blush sapphire engagement ring - 14k rose and white gold with pink sapphire.

4 - Teal Oval engagement ring - 14k yellow gold, sapphire, diamond.

5 - Periwinkle blue sapphire engagement ring - 14k rose gold, sapphire and diamond.  This style is a customized version of our branch and leaf engagement ring. 

6 - Oval Engagement ring - 14k yellow gold and pastel sapphire. This is customized version of our oval and branch ring.

7 - Anniversary ring - 14k yellow gold, cool green radiant cut sapphire and diamond. This was a customized version of our branch and knot engagement ring.

8 - Engagement ring - 14k white gold ring, green sapphire and diamond. This was a customized version of our branch and knot engagement ring.

9 - Treat yourself ring - 14k yellow gold ring, yellow sapphire, rose quartz rose cuts and emerald.

10 - Family ring - 14k rose gold ring with branch texture and round teal sapphire. 

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