This is a collection of custom designs I have made using rough or rose cut diamonds. 

Rough diamonds are just as they sound.  A rough diamond that has not been cut in any way.  Rosecut diamonds are diamonds which often have carbon inclusions to give them a grey or black look and are cut just on the top of the stone. 

Historically all stones were rosecut until the full or brilliant cut became the new normal way to cut gemstones. This is how most gemstones are cut with facets on both the top and bottom to create the sparkle you see with most coloured gemstones and diamonds. 

All of these rings were made as engagement rings.

These type of diamonds are often chosen for their unique beauty.  Not one of them ever look the same. 

If you'd like to set up an appointment to discuss your own rough or rosecut diamond design please email us to book your FREE 30 minutes consultation. 

1 -  Branch, leaf and peony engagement ring, 14k rose gold, rosecut diamond and white diamonds.

2 - Rough diamond Engagement ring  - 14k rose gold with round brilliant cut white diamond side stones. 

3 - Rough diamond Engagement ring - 14k rose gold and white gold with emerald and aquamarine set within leaf to represent couples birthstones.

4 - Marquise Rosecut Engagement Ring - 14k white gold

5 - Hexagon Rosecut Engagement Ring - 18k yellow gold

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